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Discover Furniture With High Quality Wood

Dimos furniture is one of the leading and most trusted furniture vendors in kerala

Why Choosing Us

Affordable Price

You're sure to find the furniture something that fits your home and budget. We are one of the best luxury furniture shop in kerala who delivers the quality furniture for best prices

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Many Chooses

Mosted trusted furniture shop in Kerala who has  over 28yrs of experience of selling Furniture to the public. We build more than 1M customers.

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Best Service

Dimos offers you yearly zero payment service to all customers of ours. We were also known as the best furniture service in kollam.

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Make Your Interior More Minimalist & Modern


Years of Experience


Happy Customers


Overall Rating


Best furniture showroom in kollam
Dimos Furniture Karunagappally
DIMOS Furniture is one of the Best furniture showroom in kollam and most customer recommended shop in Kollam, Karunagappalli (Karunagappilly),Kottarakkara,Pazhayattinkuzhi, Pallimukku. Best luxury furniture in kollam that we have established on 2021. You will get all type furniture's  under this store. 50+ brands are the attraction of this showroom. Reach us at 09072721033
Dimos Furniture Kottarakara
Our 4th showroom that opened at Kollam district. Latest and Imported products are more focused here. Every showroom has everytype of products but here its the speciality that we can assure. Reach us at 07025966661
Dimos Furniture Kondotty
We'd started our journey from Malappuram in 1994 by manufacturing the furniture's and at 2015 we established a showroom here. Many of clients were happy while it was a grant success. Reach us at 08891020207
Dimos Furniture Chandanathope
We are not only open for some things there are many things at this store such as Wood Casso, Teak & Rosewood and many more. More varieties can be found in this showroom. This show room was built on 2014. Reach us at 09037202011
Dimos Furniture Pazhayattinkuzhi
On 2012 Dimos first showroom in Kollam dist. were built, we get the customers and the faith of the peoples who bought the products from us at the beginning stage and stayed with us along all the years. Reach us at 09072721033
Dimos Furniture Pallimukku
The showroom here at Pallimukku was also established on the same time were the first showroom in Kollam was established. From that time till now our customers are happy and satisfied. Reach us at 09072710030
Dimos Econ Budget Furniture
At Dimos Econ you can get every type of budgets furnitures and all the products at a place.


best luxuary furnitures in kollam

Why customers prefer Dimos ? Furniture is one of the most use items, made from different materials, serving many different purposes: residential, commercial, hospitality, medical, stationary, functional, mechanical, power operated, mechanism controlled, reclining, rocking, swivelling, integrated with automation, lights, chargers, massagers, heat components, multi-function controls and more, because of such differences no one person or freelancer can be proficient and have enough experience to handle them all. This is another reason why we are superior in what we do as we always assign/send the best qualified professional technician for your specific task.

The Professional Team of Dimos Furniture® is capable of handling, as well as carrying all tools and materials necessary to provide immediate on-site: Inspections, Reports, Cause Determination, Repairs, Upholstery, Leather and Parts Installations, Wood, Veneer, Laminate and much more.

In most cases, we can determine the age of the damaged areas, see if the items were previously repaired, and because we work with so many companies we will also be able to assist if there are any known issues, recalls or manufacturer defects on the damaged item, as well as assist on obtaining parts that may be needed when possible.

We use best technologies, have great experienced craftsman’s, proper supply and the latest equipment on hand allows us to replicate, duplicate, manufacture and repair almost any broken or missing parts, legs, spindles, finials, trims, mouldings, curved and much more.


Why Dimos into this ? Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. An interior designer is someone who plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such enhancement projects. Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming and research, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, construction management, and execution of the design.

The process of interior design is not always a simple one. Each unique interior design project begins with an initial brief, accompanied by a variety of important aspects, which include client considerations, interior design foundations and project goals, to name a few. Not as simple as purely having an eye for design, although that plays a big part, the interior design process includes planning, analytical thinking and project management. Without this systematic approach used by interior designers across the globe, there would be a lot of unhappy clients and a lot of badly designed interiors.

Best furniture service in kollam
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